VariAudio Pitch Correction - Blemishes

I use VariAudio quite often to fine tune my own singing (vocals), mainly quantizing pitches and straightening also.

Usually the results are superb. Sometimes however for the tuned segments, the preceding or trailing ‘s’ sounds (e.g. the ‘s’ in “s"egment or Cuba"se”) would sound unnatrual as if I am saying the ‘s’ behind a fan or something. How to avoid this issue? Any tips on using Variaudio’s pitch correction / adjustment to prevent this from happening?

Just delete all that segments like 's’s or 'x’s…

You mean cutting the segment to isolate the “s” then deleting just the “s”? Yeah why haven’t I thought of that… thanks!

Sometimes you scratch your head wondering what to do but overlook the most obvious solution.

I also found you can just go to segments mode and adjust the start / end of a segment, which seems to take care of the problem too.