Variaudio pop-up window

Hi everyone.
I’m working with cubase 10pro in variaudio and I think I clicked on the wrong option in the pop up window (the one that pops up when you do a pitch quantize) and now I can’t get it back…
Im new to cubase and I tried looking on line but I can’t find anything about it.
Pls help, thank you.

Please post a screenshot of what you see.

I can’t, now it’s just the variaudio screen, where you edit. I just want the pop up window to show again. I must’ve checked the box where it said “don’t show this again”

It was probably this pop-up window:

You can restore it by opening the Preferences window, then selecting Editing → Audio and changing the “On Processing Shared Clips” option. By default, it’s set to Open Options Dialog.

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Thank you!