Variaudio problem

Hi guys,

I’m new to the forum and have what is probably a really daft question so go easy!! :blush:

I’ve created a 4 part harmony in Variaudio, however when I open the editing screen and choose the Pitch & Warp option, I’m only able to move the original part, the other harmony parts move but go back to their original location as soon as I let go of the mouse button, any ideas??

Cubase 7.5

Thanks in advance!!

cavalier1970 Hi,
I just PM you, sorry but I’ve found the answer.

I have just worked it out! I think for my situation. I’m using a Chord Track. The harmonies are generated against that chord, even if the chord track is muted! So, I removed the chord track and it worked.

♫♪♫ :smiley:

FuzzboxUK, you are a genius my friend!!

Removed the chord track as per your suggestion and I’m now able to edit the harmony tracks as required.

Thanks again for the help, very much appreciated!! :smiley: