Variaudio problem

Hi Forum,
I have version 5 but I’m posting here hoping that I can get an answer to my problem. When I try to use Variaudio I can’t see a pitch value for the segment. I double click on the track part, click on Pitch and Warp, the segments appear but no indication of pitch is present ie by how much the note is out. I managed it before and that track still has the pitch value, but on all others it doesn’t show. The Pitching Active indicator above Pitch and Warp doesn’t come on either. Segments can be moved but I can’t correct the vocal track without this function. Why has this stopped working? I tried the official helpline, but no success. Thanks, Barry.

Does that information appear in the info line at the top of the page?

I seem to recall it used to appear in the actual note itself, but it doesn’t anymore on my system. I wonder what the engineering or use rationale would be to remove that very helpful display?

A long time since I’ve used C5, but here on 7.5 the internal note pitch information disappears if the zoom setting is too small.

Sometimes catches me out and i think it’s disappeared.