Variaudio problems

Hi there,
Have 2 problems with Variaudion in Cubase Pro 9.5:

  1. Doesn’t I can’t hear a note when select it. The option is on in a toolbar.
  2. Can’t apply a envelope and other effects to a single not. There is an official video where right click on a note in Variaudio opens a menu but my right click open just a standart tools menu and deselect a note.

Thanx in advance for yor suggestions!


  1. Make sure the Audio Feedback is enabled in the editor.

  2. Preferences > Editing > Tools > disable Pop-up Toolbox on Right Click. Then you will get the full menu.

Martin, thanx for your reply.
Audio feedback is enabled but still no sound when a note is clicked.
Will try changing the preferances.
Full menu opens when I do Shift+right-click but when I choose Envelope there - it suggest to envelope all the record but not the selected note

C’mon guys! I know it’s not just my problem but quite common. Help with your advices!

Hi Martin,
Thanx for the suggestion with Preferences, It works for me. And with feedback the problem was in CR enabled, I was plaing with VST Transit and CR was On but no outputs selected.
Have Great day!