VariAudio Selection


got this long vocal recording. Some 50 min long mono file, vocals from a concert.
Need only a 10 sec selection to be VariAudio’ed.

My Cubase 6 starts calculating the whole file and eventually freezes and crashes into “Application not responding” all the time, after going into phase two - “step 2/2”. Same with other files, from the same live recording.
I run Mac OS Snow Leopard.

Question: is there a possibility to designate in and out marks on the file, to have a short selection within a file? It sure is supposed to be designated so by the part’s length, but unfortunately it isn’t.

Any help would be very appreciated.

(And BTW, isn’t it a bug, even if I do need the whole 50 min file to be VariAudio’ed, and Cub crashes? Sure it is…)

I agree this shouldn’t happen but one work around is to cut it into smaller sections and then bounce the individual section creating a new smaller piece of audio to process. Not the most elegant work around but it does work.


Yeah, this is what I do until (hopefully) it’s fixed… I usually copy the vocal track and disable it as a backup.

Thank you gentlemen.
I hope the Stein guys read this, by beatpete: “Yeah, this is what I do until (hopefully) it’s fixed…”

The good (yet funny) thing is that yesterday after I posted the entry scribbling here, I had left my “app not responding”, and today I learned that the job was finally done. My Cub 601 DID VariAuio the whole file.