VariAudio Settings

Hi there, after installing the 8.0.20 update of C8Pro pitch variations in VariAudio works in relative way:
if I have a note slightly higher than correct pitch if I take it down it takes me to the same higher position but an halfstep down.
I can override this holding the Shift key and moving freely but in the past releases I was able to move directly in the correct pitch.

Last question: is there a way to preview the new pitch note when moving a block (like Melodyne does)?

Thanks everyone!

Hi there

I also had this problem, it was changed in version 7, I preferred the old way you describe. One sort of workaround is to use midi input, select the note and press the note you want on your midimidi keyboard, not the same I know but if you use a “next note” KC it can work quite quickly.

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And if you hold the CTRL key instead, what do you see happen…? :slight_smile:

If you go into Tool modifiers, you can change the modes to suit (defaults are:- CTRL = Absolute; SHIFT = Free move; No modifier = Relative). Review the Manual p474 - or section labelled ‘Changing The Pitch’.

As to previewing the pitch when moving segments - look to the toolbar and enable the little loudspeaker icon button.

Hope thats helped