Variaudio - shortcut keys

I know there are various VariAudio threads. But this is such a simple thing to implement that would make a big difference to me…

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE make it possible to assign a shortcut or modifier key to switch between Pitch & Warp and Segments modes. I’m forever switching between the two and it’s a PITA to have to keep moving the cursor over to the left to do so.

Use the TAB key to toggle between the modes.

Having said that, I would wish that they remove the distinction entirely, somehow merge the functions via better ‘smart’ edit tools.

Still using it loads but currently, it is showing its age, proving to be a slightly clunky workflow; definitely time for improvements/enhancements. :slight_smile:

Thanks – I’d somehow overlooked Tab. That’s better. But as you say, there aren’t so many functions that they couldn’t all be done in a single ‘mode’.

VariAudio needs a complete redesign of how it handles segments. Why can I not chop a segment past a certain size? Makes working with scoops and the like damn near impossible…