VariAudio Smart Control Always at Default

Is this by design here? Anytime I change it to Show All Smart Controls if I leave VA then come back it is reset to Default?. It doesn’t seem to keep the state it was in.

help me out here fellas

No one else has noticed this?

I have the same issue on Cubase 10 pro. Every time I close the Variaudio window I lose the changes I made. Any suggestions are highly welcome :slight_smile:

Just a wild guess… activate the show all VA then save as a template, and see if the is problem still around.

I have the show all activated and cubase remember this setting on all projects.

It should be project specific and no need to do a Save As Template

Thank you. It didn’t work. I will ask in the German forum. If I find there something I will post it here.


Happy Saturday

No one else with this issue here? Thousands of users, shocked

It remains to where it’s set here.

Maybe the usual test: safe start/trash preferences and see what happens.

You are on WINDOWS chief

Trashed prefs, Cubase, new fresh download install. Im checking again, thanks for responding bro

After trashing prefs AFTER a fresh re install with previous Prefs already trashed it seems to be staying put

Great! I have something similar with the Control Room section, right zone of the mix console. However it happens, those are just anomalies.

Im going to call this release Cubanomalies