VariAudio: snap to MIDI guide?

I have a vocal recording that is out of tune and a MIDI track that is representing what the melody is supposed to be. Is there a way to quickly snap the pitches to the MIDI notes? I don’t even need to this to sound pretty since I’m doing it for demo purposes.


You can set MIDI as the source for the VariAudio, can’t you?

What do you mean? Can you explain specifically what to do in the UI?


Down in the VariAudio tab bellow the Scale Assistant, you can see the No MIDI Reference. If you click on it, you should see your MIDI Tracks. This track would work as the reference for the VariAudio.

Hey, perhaps it wasn’t clear by my question and picture, but I already have the MIDI track loaded as reference. I can now manually use it to match the pitches, but I wonder if there is a way to do that automatically.


Please have a look to the MIDI Input and the Step check-marks in the VariAudio tab. You can read the description here.

Nope. I like the idea, though.

So the idea is doing a MIDI feedback loop and use the step input? I don’t think that would work, because there isn’t necessary one Vari audio note for each MIDI note in my reference.