Variaudio - snapping to notes - how adjust in-between?

I’ve noticed sometimes when using variaudio, that I can’t get to the exact note I want to. For example, if I want to slightly lower the pitch of a phrase - I drag it down, and it snaps all the way down to the next half-step. Then I try to use the “quantize” pitch slider to get it back up where I need it to be - but it won’t go far enough! Is there something I’m missing here? Can I slide the segments without them snapping to the half-step? Or is there a way to make the “quantize” pitch function slide the pitches further? The way it currently functions (and my current lack of knowledge), I cannot get many pitches where I need them to be in many cases. This has been very problematic.


use Shift when moving notes
i think its possible to change this in preferences if u need to

Awesome - thank you! I will try it this evening when I get to the studio.

This helped me as well. Thanks.

Wish there was a [Solved] tag of some sort so we can set filters to only show solved posts or something…

A suggestion for Steinberg:

It’s not very intuitive to require a “shift” key to make this work. Myself and other people have had problems with this.

What if there was a “pitch snap” button similar to the standard snap button? This way with “pitch snap” disabled, we could drag the pitch of a note anywhere we want it to go. With “pitch snap” enabled, the notes would jump between half-steps. Also, the “quantize” slider would be better if it was just a “fine adjust” for pitch where you could make the pitch go either positive, or negative.


Also, the “quantize” slider would be better if it was just a “fine adjust” for pitch where you could make the pitch go either positive, or negative.

That would be removing the basic function of the slider. Selecting multiple notes and pulling them all towards correct pitch for a quick fix.

Even better: A quantize slider that could slide up AND down - all the way to the next half-step in either direction. There are many times when the segment may be perfectly on the half step, and quantized, but it doesn’t sound perfectly in pitch…

Well this is a different function than quantize and would need it’s own slider though I personally don’t see the need for it.

This would be brilliant! In older versions of Cubase (we still have Cubase 6 at the school where I teach), clicking and dragging notes automatically snapped them to the nearest semitones. You could still hold down shift for un-snapped moves. This fuctionality works brilliantly. Frustrating that they seem to have changed it!

Do you know if this is still in the preferences? I can’t find it in version 9…

It is not available in any version.

just click the assign button for “None” option