Variaudio snip truncates the event!

Hi. I’ve been using VariAudio for years but all of a sudden when I try to split a part it truncates it instead. (The other bit hasn’t disappeared out of sight, I checked.), up until a fair distance back from the end at which point it starts to split normally. But on some events it splits as normal anywhere along its length. Seems to be no rhyme or reason for this bizarre and extremely annoying behaviour.

Has anyone experienced similar?

Can you make a video or a gif showing the issue ?
You can do that easily with LICEcap.

And most importantly is that easily reproducible from a new project ?
If not, then your projects and config files are probably corrupted.

Yup, you might have a point there. I’ve just tried it on another project and it works fine. (Don’t know why I never think of trying these things for myself, especially as it’s the sort of advice I’d give someone else! Hi ho… )

Cheers :+1: