VariAudio suddenly goes all distorted and hollow after being used for a while

I’m trying to fix a vocal line in CB 11 Pro, all was going well but then suddenly the track became very echoey and distant, with a lot of crackling and distortion. Stoping and starting sometimes fixed it, but not for long. Now its getting worse and more regular. For the first 30mins its been fine,
I also hear a ‘shhh’ noise whenever i hit the play/stop button, irrelevant if anything is playing or not.
The track itself is fine, i can get it to play back without issues as long as I’m not in VariAudio. It’s obvious that its the audio engine at fault.
Is this something else i wont be able to use? Already deleted SpectraLayers for causing issues. It seems the reasons for going go Pro are getting less and less each day. The more i learn, the more i cant use.

Hi, I noticed stuff like that… if you play from the project window and solo, rather than the editor window, you should hear it like the track sounds, also distortion can happen if you overly chop/move stuff.

Yeah, I assumed it was getting overwhelmed , even with my very basic editing.
Can’t understand why though, as it’s a big feature so should be rock solid.
At least CB didn’t crash, which is pretty amazing lol.

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Interesting that soloing in the project sounds different from within the editor. I’ll keep that in mind.

I do notice that the best way to edit something is to undo first and then stretch, skew, etc. Multiple movements in a row can at times seem to cause odd sounding stuff, but not necessarily noticeable when NOT in solo, so you have to be careful.

But overall, I’m just a big fan of variaudio and not having to worry as much about pitchiness when singing. It’s one of the better things about digital, really.

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