VariAudio technique tips? Scoops 'tween notes; note drp-offs


When I’m working with a note whose pitch trails off significantly at the end, lately I’ve been giving the last bit that tails off it’s own segment, then pulling that segment up close to pitch. I’ve even then been giving that last segment multiple tilt corrections (i.e., multiple applications of that little “I” bar at the top). Like everything else VariAudio, it’s soon obvious when it’s been been pushed too far, but up to that point it seems to be ok.

But I’m wondering what other ways the note drop down/tail-off problem can be addressed. Can you guys share some other ideas please?

… Even harder for me is how to handle a scoop between two notes. How do you guys work with those? For what it’s worth, I’ve been excluding the scoops from the segmentation tho leave them unprocessed, and just making sure the final target note sounds good. Anyone else?


I’m pretty much where you are with VariAudio workflow, Alexis. My advice to singers is, if you’ve got a difficult note coming up, just hit something–anything–straight and even. 'Cos VariAudio is not good with scoops and slides.

I too, make slices and tune fractions of a note.

Thx, engineer! Do you have a standard way to deal with “scoops” that go up or down between two notes?

My only standard-way is to make them sing it again, LOL. But, if it’s too late for that, then no, no standard way: just hack away at it. As you know, often Cubase doesn’t track every syllable. So it’s really random as to what will actually work.

All the techniques I use have been mentioned… Those scoops between notes and the tail-end ‘drop offs’ are a pain and I think you’re doing all you reasonably can to correct matters (without resorting to another session/take with the singer…).

Mind, I do have access to Melodyne Assistant (mono files only) and on occasion I will have to offline a file and use that. It does have some great tools right at your fingertips and does sound very good. And it will in certain cases, better VA results.

But most often, the convenience of VA wins out… :wink:

I have a wishlist of ‘improvements/feature requests’ for when SB are thinking about updating VA, here:-
Idea 6 could help with improving VA’s handling of the transition between notes.

See what you think.


I bumped your feature requests. Good stuff [emoji106]!
VA could be a Melodyne/VocAlign destroyer with a few extra tweaks!