Variaudio - Tilt tool doesn`t work propely

When Straighten curve is 100% the Tilt tool doesnt work AT ALL. When Straighten curve is less it usually makes parabola instead of line - the edge point doesnt move.I NEVER need parabola, I need smooth transition between notes with linear or similar curve. For example - take long note, make straighten curve to 100 and then try to divide the note to two or three - you will get a robot, and no way to make it human. No way to make linear smooth transition. When Straighten curve parameter is small SOMETIMES it works. But sometimes.
P.S. When I asked my friends - Is there any reason to upgrade Cubase to 10? I got an answer - “Yes, they improved variaudio”. And that was the Reason. It really became much better, thanks.Now I work on it instead of Waves Tune. But sometimes I am angry because I can do nothing in difficult vocal phrases.