VariAudio tuning before vs. after Soothe 2 (amateur vocalists)?

Howdy - for those with Soothe 2 that need to apply large amounts of tuning to their vocalists (and so unavoidably getting that unwelcome tuning artifact sound) … do you like to tune before or after applying Soothe 2 to the vocal track (applied for the usual reason, i.e. to get rid of bad vocal/room resonances)?

Do you find Soothe 2 can reduce the actual artifact resulting from large amounts of tuning from Variaudio?

Thanks -

I haven’t tried using Soothe to improve pitch artifacts but I don’t think it’s going to be very effective at that. The only real way to avoid pitch correction artifacts is to take the time to fine tune your variaudio correction. It can be time consuming but when done correctly you can minimize pitch glitches. This assuming you’re not trying to move notes more than a step and a half or so. If your singer’s pitch is that far off then… you’re gonna hear artifacts.

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