VariAudio : tuning please (442 Hz but not only)


VariAudio is stuck in 440 Hz

Please allow us to set the frequency, I have plenty of 442 Hz projects around.

432 Hz to 448 Hz maybe ?

Really ? No one ? :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

I run into this problem often because I do hip-hop and R&B and a lot of these beats they use have samples in them that are detuned and the sample makes up the majority of the musical composition. Today I did a song tuned in 450.3hz. Unfortunately it makes using Vari-Audio a lot more difficult since the notes snap to 440hz notes (unless you hold shift).

Sometimes I detune the beat back down to 440hz just to make everything easier, but that leaves behind unwanted artifacts.

I guess we need to make a feature request. The “Chord Track” needs to have a frequency setting.

Hi and welcome,

Please check this tip.