Variaudio: visuals in segments ?


I am on Cubase 7.5.10, mac version , OSX 10.9.1

Whenever i am in the Sample Editor, with Variaudio - Pitch&Warp enabled, i don’t see the visual representation in the segments whenever i move a segment up or down.
I want to see the number of semitones/cents in the segment that i am transposing but it doesn’t appear when transposing.

Can someone help me with this ?

Thx in advance !


Sadly, this has been removed by SB (same on Windows) - I too found it very useful having the info right there where you are working; their response may be, that you still have that info available - but it is in the Info Line at top (if you have it enabled).

However, this to me is no comparison as a ‘solution’ as to the workflow/convenience/ease of seeing important detail directly where your eyeballs are already focused…!

Please add your voice to my other main VariAudio 2.x wishlist of improvements thread, and to try and persuade them to bring this functionality back:-


Hi Bob !

Many thanx for your detailed reply.
OMG, Can’t believe SB has threw this great functionality out, what were they thinking ?!!
I will surely put in my vote for bringing this back.