VariAudio won't work on just one vocal track

Here’s a strange one.

I’m working on a song with several vocal tracks. Just recorded an extra short vocal segment at the end of the song, but I can’t get VariAudio to kick-in when selected to correct just this one audio event. It works fine on all other vocal tracks and segments.

It must be something really simple that I’ve missed which makes this audio event different to the others; but I can’t see it. Any thoughts, please?

(Cubase 12 Pro)

This happened to me as well 2 years ago.
I used “bounce selection” on that take IIRC and then I could variaudio it again.
Hope that helps!

Cheers, Tj99. I’ll give that a go.


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Perhaps you inadvertently converted an Audio Event into an Audio Part. If so open it in the Part Editor first and then you’ll be able to access the Event. Or just Dissolve the Part from the Audio menu.