variaudio working worse in C7.5 than C6?


i just bought the update and, am I wrong but variaudio works worse in 7.5?

First thing, when I move a note, it doesn’t “quantize” to the closest exact pitch, it does some kind of relative thing, and I need to go and manually press quantize pitch.

Before, just pressing the note would stick it to the center of the closest pitch.

And also the colours, now all red, can’t gent different colours for every pitch? was so practical.

Now it’s much slower for me to tune, and unfortunately I need to tune quite a bit.

Thanks very much for your feedback!

They changed the default key modifiers for exact and relative pitch snapping. Head to your preferences and switch them around.

If you look at the tutorial video at 4.24 it will show you where to change the note colour settings.