Hi everyone

I bought cubase 6.5 Artist when it came out a while ago and im a complete noob with this sort of thing so I need some help.

  1. When I open cubase and highlight my vocal and go to “audio” there is no variaudio option :S why is that?
  2. It says cubase artist 6 not 6.5
  3. When I try to update from steinbergs webby it downloads the upgrader and then when i try to open it, it opens then shuts straight away.

I am a rooky so any step by step instructions would be appreciated!

Because Variaudio is in the sample editor, not in the audio submenue, and because it´s not available in the Artist version, as you can always see from the manual

6.5 is a paid update.

What version is it available with then? Is there any way I can get it onto artist?

It’s not for the artist version, also not in 7 artist
Watch page 5

As I said before already

Indeed you did :wink: , right before it was asked again