i am new to Cubase. just got version 7.5. i have done the updates. been watching youtube tutorial. i imported some recordings from my dp-32 for processing. when i try to do pitch correction on the vocal, after analizing. I do not see the same thing as the tutorial. no rectangles with the pitch line. i only see the the dots. Help grillm

Your link doesn’t work…I understand what you mean by rectangles with pitch line but not sure what “dots” you are seeing which might suggest what you are missing.

Could you upload a screenshot of your editor?

here it is. I think due to the fact this was recorded live some of the instruments bled into the mic. i can process if i hightlight the whole graph…
variaudio shot.jpg

Hello Grillm - that screenshot looks perfectly fine and dandy; exactly what I’d expect after Cubase has performed some analysing on the audio.

You should now use the zoom controls (or select a range with the Range Tool) to focus in on a smaller area of that window (just a few of the rectangles in view) and edit away. Are you unable to do this…? Does that answer your problem…?