I just upgraded from Cubase 5 to Cubase 8 Pro…quite a lot of changes…seemed difficult for me to get use to…had some problems with my bank faders on my Tascam FW-1884 DAW… put in an email to tech support and was advised to upgrade from 8.0.5 to 8.0.10…fixed all my complaints but two, which are:…Would like to have the pitch correct when moving a note with my mouse to lock the note in on center of the half step grids as was the case in Cubase 5. Tech support informed me that it did not lock on the center of the note because of adding harmonies…this is a feature I don’t use so maybe give the option to turn on or off that feature…and the other is to bring back the note value and percentage of flat/sharpness when the mouse hovers over the note…
One other thing on another subject is…I mostly record Gospel artist and lots of them have very heavy vibrato and when the computer analyzes the vocal track and the vibrato is heavy it cuts the vibrato in to separate notes which is virtually impossible to pitch correct the split notes in the vibrato…if I pull all the split segments on to the actual note it sounds very robotic…any help on this would be much appreciated…

For the 2nd part, where VariAudio cuts the vibrato into too many separate notes: After it analyzes, you can go into “Segment” mode and use the glue tool to join the segments. Usually a good idea to do segmenting before tuning as the note that VariAudio assigns will usually change when you change the segment. More details in the manual :slight_smile:

For the first part, if I’m understanding you correctly, you can hold SHIFT (or it might be ALT or CTRL, sorry can’t remember which) as you drag the note. One lets you drag the note to wherever you want, the other drags it to the nearest true half-step note, and the third lets you drag it by half-steps, preserving how far “off” the original note is from a true piano note.

Thank you Alex for your quick response…I will try the gluing of the vibrato notes together before pitch correction and quantizing …anxious to see how this works …it’s been a night mare for me…and as for the holding down the shift to move the notes, I don’t quite understand…what do you mean when you say “one” and “the other” and “third”…are there three different keys …one to do the first…another key to do the second and another key to do the third thing you described…please expound on that more in detail for me…thanks…Mark

Sure - 3 keys to combine with the mouse drag (SHIFT, CTRL, ALT), and each one activates one of the three distinct drag functions described.

Much better explained in the manual! :slight_smile:

Thanks again Alexis for you input…I will certainly try the three keys described to do the drag functions…again…THANKS. I need to slow down enough to look at the manual…which I will do…

No prob, good luck!

Another tip in this regard: check out the ‘flatten’ function in VariAudio - I think you’ll need it after gluing two segments together. Whether the result will still be acceptable is always uncertain though… I’ve had acceptable and not so acceptable results.