Over the months occasionally I’ve used it to check how Im singing, hitting the pitches etc, just out of interest not into changing a notes pitch cause it usually ends up sounding fake crap, even with a semitone change.
But it always reports Notes an octave below what I sing, why is this.
I just tested with a Guitar, Low E open string, which should be an E2, yet it reports this as an E1.
So why Does Cubase 8.5 report notes an Octave below what they actually are?

Yamaha pitch convention is often Middle C = C3. Would that explain what you are seeing?

Cheers mate. Perhaps (I do have a yamaha/steingberg UR44) but that seems a bit weird, The standard is A4=440hz so why would Yamaha go hey lets call 440hz as A3 instead because like who needs standard conventions, right :slight_smile:, from reading it appears they do it so it would somehow fit on their keyboards better.
Is there any way to make every note display an octave higher? Its not a major thing so I don’t mind if its not possible but it would be nice.