VariAudio's new X ???

Having come from N5.1 to C7.5 I see a ton of changes.
Today I am doing my first vocal tuning session and notice an X in the bottom center of each clip.
I have looked through the manual but I cant find anything about what this does.

Can someone enlighten me as to what this X does?

Also, I seem to remember in Nuendo not needing to hold down the Control Key to drag the pitch to its true note, now I am having to hit ‘control’ key. Did I always have to do this in Prior versions (thus losing my mind) or is the addition of having to hit a modifier key new in VariAudio?

I also see where it no longer displays exactly how off the pitch is (-17%). How do I get this back?


the “x” is muting the note



Hahaha, tbh, I think they should have just stuck with the usual mute tool because with all those square clicky boxes disappearing and reappearing when my mouse hovers I’m forever clicking that blinkin mute button!! The old mute tool we all know and love, why not make vari-audio consistent with all the other editing windows, I’ve even got shortcut keys set up for rapid editing, but they don’t work in vari-audio :frowning:


Honestly I’m not really sure where there is a mute function in Vari Audio. The whole reason the audio is IN that screen to begin with is so it can get tuned…muting it seems counter productive. What I always wanted in Nuendo 5 was a SOLO function, and it seem in C7.5 I got one! That makes sense, mute? Not so much…at least to me.

Would have been nice if the “x” was for disabling VariAudio on the segment… But no…

When you are tuning more then one track at a time,
it can be helpful to mute notes on one track to hear
the others without leaving the editor window.

This is a good idea to be sure, but the space where the “X” lives
is too small/crowded. Plus it is located exactly where you
usually click to select a segment.

Yesterday I hit it by accident 3-4 times
just trying to tune an 8 bar, 3 track vocal part.

It should use a modifier key, then the accidents would stop.

If you are tuning more than one track at a time…you are my hero! I cant even begin to think in layers like that :slight_smile:

I totally agree that the box is in the WRONG spot. A modifier key would be a better implementation.

but I find the whole vari-audio set of tools weird… We’re all used to the scissors tool, the mute tool, the time-stretch tool, etc, with keyboard shortcuts. Why has the whole tool operation been re-defined in vari-audio? For example, using the Tab key to toggle operation I’m continually in the wrong mode, snipping or muting, whatever!


Why? Obviously to make the user go insane.
Actually, I’m pretty use to the Vari-Audio Tools/Key Commands now.
Please don’t change them except for the mute “X”
Give it a modifier key.