Various audio examples played by Dorico

Since I’ve switched to Dorico from its early days, I’ve tested its daw capabilities combined with music notation.
Dorico is definitively to me the best alternative to a daw on which I can be concentrated firstly only on score writing and then on its audio rendering from an unique software.

For testing its daw capabilities to see how far I could go, I worked on various pieces as example

EDIT: Instead of creating multi threads for each published audio examples, this topic will be updated. See below for the links.

1. The Raiders March, J. Williams (19/08/2020)

All instruments come from BBCSO Pro, with only the default microphone Mix1.
The hardest work has been mixing all midi tracks. All BBCSO instances were hosted into Vienna Ensemble Pro, because it gives more flexibility for mixing and working with vst plugins (so painful into Dorico with its mixer. It’s definitely not dedicated to this kind of work with so many tracks in my opinion)

2. Dance of the Mirlitons (Nutcracker), P. Tchaikovsky (24/08/2020)

All instruments come from BBCSO Pro, hosted in Vienna Ensemble Pro, with only the default microphone Mix1.

Thanks for watching. Your comments are welcome.

I think that sounds rather splendid. Congratulations!

Thank you Daniel. I really enjoy working more and more with Dorico. Other pieces are ready (mainly from classical music), and they are just waiting to be posted soon, always to demonstrate daw capabilities from Dorico.

Yes, I just listened also, and I was quite impressed. Well done! Thank you for sharing this.


Steve :slight_smile:

May I ask, is the expression map easy to use? I’ve never actually used one in Dorico at all. Thanks if you can let me know. :slight_smile:

Hello Steve. Yes expression maps are easy to use. In fact it’s just some settings that you load for an instrument just one time. Then according to music notation, appropriate articulations will be selected in your virtual instrument. It’s totally transparent.

Just had a listen - really good work. Just goes to show what a talented and skilful user can do with Dorico.

Hi Stephane,

Thank you for letting me know. That sounds really great.

best regards,

Steve :smiley:

Another example played by Dorico + BBCSO Pro

Dance of the Mirlitons (Nutcracker), P. Tchaikovsky

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Sounds very good! One thing I noticed: The stacc. after the grace notes with a slur (e.g. in bar 7) are not played back (= the notes are not shortened).

Thanks for this! I heard for the first time the counter-melodic elements in the string section that I never heard in orchestral performances. A new gem (for me).

Ho indeed you’re right. I missed these articulations. It proves that midi and audio rendering can be improved, but it gives the idea. Thank you