Various bugs with Cubasis 3

Hi there,

I’m using the latest versions 3.1.1 and notice quite a number of issues. I’m sorry if they’ve already been reported as I couldn’t find them.

  1. AUV3 instruments either randomly have sound that disappears until a reload. Bassalicious is one of them. Zeoon synth has notes that randomly disappear during a programmed part.

  2. Fades sound absolutely horrible and unusable on audio tracks that contain live stretching. Clicky results.

  3. Reversing a portion or a slice of a loop yields the wrong audio being played back for that portion of the loop.

  4. The autostretch function of the stretcher seems to be broken. It hasn’t successfully altered any loop i’ve imported. The only way for now is to
    use manual and slide your finger across until the loop matches the correct length.

  5. Heavy clicking on a re-looped part when the song is on loop-mode

  6. Upon importing a loop from audioshare, when it came back into Cubase, my fabfilter AU stopped working even though the GUI said it was low-passing a sound, I heard the full spectrum of the sound.

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Cubasis 3 vet 3.1.2. iOS 13.6.1. Air2 and iPhone 11.
New project 16 bit 48hz. Added midi drum. Added audio guitar using Brusfri and internal Chorus. Added midi internal piano. When attempting to add audio vocal live recordings, it becomes garbled and distorted, cpu shows low at 6 to 12, but dsp shows 97 to 100, then the track and Cubasis become temporarily unresponsive, needed a reboot to close to app. This was a repeatable error this morning for me on my Air 2.

Hi Noisehorse,

Thank you for your message.

Please have a look at our Cubasis 3 performance article, and follow the recommendations:

Please let me know if this helps to solve the problem.

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