various issues, esp last verision


a number of questions and bug rapports:

1.Just had a vst connect session. We both installed the latest verion, the 4.0.45 Hotfix
Unfortunately this led to an issue for me on the studio side: my sync button went completely red, and a noise was heard, as soon as I hit play or record.I made sure that I had a high buffer setting on my soundcard, and of course also audio dealy buffer on 2 and larger. however, nothing worked. (however we never tried to change the buffer size for my performer, he had a low one to reduce latency on his insert)

However, we then uninstalled it and installet the 4.0.44 and did not have any problems with that.

2.Another thing which I have rapported before, there is something weird when we try to use amplitube plugin. it does not work
when he adds it. only when I add the plugin, and it does not always work. once it did not work when I added it to slot 1, so I added it to slot 2 instead, then it worked on his side but not mine. then I removed it from slot 2 and reentered it in slot 1 and then it worked on both sides again. however as I said, we never get it to work when he adds the insert.

  1. I tried to remove the red recording light from the master bus, in other words, tried to not record the master bus, I only want to HD record the line in channels, however, it just flashes and turns red again. I think you guys said that you were going to make it possible to do this, is something wrong or havent you done it yet?

  2. I have forgot what the level meteres does basically, can I use the big ones to turn off the listening without changing the signal coming in? does the small level metres on top change the signal level, or is that just done on his soundcard, then if not what do they do?


  3. just want to check something. I want to record both processed and dry signal, so I create one channel which I connect to line in 2 where my performer has got his guitar connected. then I add the amplitube to that channel, then I open up one more channel which I dont add the amplitube to. just to be safe I uncheck the FX button on this track too. However this is my question, I dont really need to to that right? This button is only when I use FX during tracking but only want to record the clean sound, and when I dont want to use a second channel to this, am I right? Or would there be a purpose in me unchecking that button?

  4. Due to the problem with the sync issue on the latest version, it took up almost all of the time we had schedueled. SOo we only recorded two files after we got things working. However when using get HD files, no single channel files at all showed up. I I have had problems with not getting all the HD files before as you are aware however, I dont think that this has ever happend before. In other words, I got the stereo channel in HD, but no the single channels. WHich also means that What I got what worthless, because the stereo channel is a mess, a mix between the performers talk back signal and the processed sound and the dry signal… I was still wondering whether something with version 4.0.44 is even worse, of if this was just a bad luck?

  5. MY project was in 44 khz sample rate, so when my performer and I connected and he was using 48, it didnt really crash, but it still felt weird. we restarted tó make sure it worked, it would probably be good to get a confirmation window when one of you change , that you are now on correct sample rates, and everything is working like it should.

  6. Also, I did not get the metronome to work. is it me who forgot to use the control room, or how do you do it? I turned it on on what I fel was the master position, and then I assumed I would hear it on the studio side, but heard nothing, I try to turn it on using the button on the cue 1 on the control room, but my performer heard, nothing, what did I forget?

well, lots of issues this time. But I still enjoy the program when it works for us, so thanks alot, and hope you guys can help out with these issues

  1. sorry to hear that, it’s strange as for almost everybody else this version improved on sync. We are very close to an all new version with a lot of fixes and improvements, pls let us know if you still have those issues threafter.
  2. seem to recall there was an issue with the amplitube plug…if all other plugs work, there is probably not much we can do.
  3. also with the next version you will be able to disable the Performer Master record enable button. It currently re-lights intentionally, then you will get a warning that no HD files are recorded when you disable all rec enables.
  4. the mixer (MONITOR section, large faders) is the Performer Monitor, it controls, what the Performer hears and it shows the Performers’ level meters; all of this has nothing to do with what happens on the Studio (Cubase/Nuendo) side. That is controlled in the RECORD section. See for more details.
  5. the fx button controls wether or not insert fx of that channel are beeing recorded or not.
  6. Get HD files: we made massive improvements on that function, check again next version.
  7. Different sample rates are not supported. When you connect with Performer, it gets instructed to change its rate to the Studio rate. Some audio interfaces refuse to change sample rate programatically, then performer has to change it manually. You should definately get a message when Performer rate doesn’t match and can’t be changed, but usually this just happens automatically.
  8. click (metgronome) and some more features are features of the Control Room Cue mix. Again, check link above for more information.

thanks for the response

  1. regarding inserts, it still feels like the whole thing is a bit buggy, for example what is the deafult settings, should this not be to have all inserts set to off? I can swear that there is always something turned to on.

also, how do I setup the metronome, I could not read about it on the link you gave me

regarding samplerate do you get a message once its correctly setup saying it has now changed to the correct settings?

inserts are on by default, but if no fx is inserted it doesn’t make a difference.
metronome: you need to set it in Control Room/VST Connect Cue channel (and of course enable it in Transport).
New version coming soon.

In Cubase 10.5. the metronome is activated in the control room and I can hear it. But there is no metronome signal in VST Connect Performer. What can I do?

PS: using the latest versions 5.0.1 for VST Connect Pro and VST Connect Performer

best to start a new thread for a new issue :slight_smile:

you need to read up on the control room and how you enable a click on the cue sends. Hint - there is a metronome icon you need to click to enable.

not trying to be cryptic but if you don’t get your head around the control room then VST connect is going to be very confusing for you so it’s worth investigating.

You’re right, I have to spend more time reading the manual. :wink: The last Cubase version I used was SX 3.1, I came back because of VST Connect.

Do you mean the metronome icon left from the big red control room level knob? This one I have activated. Or is the another one?

there is a separate metronome icon for each cue feed too.

There are some screenshots at the link mentioned

Each cue incl. VST Connect Cue have their own metro, source (mix/cue) etc, also right-click the cue channel will offer some more interesting options.