Various ISSUES - or User Bugs ??


i have just finished a quite large surround Project with Nuendo 7 and have experienced some strange behaviours.

Some of them might be old - and i just didnt know of - I would appreciate any comments or links to old “ISSUE”-Topics that are related.

1.) The Surround Panner stops working once in a while - panning is displayed properly, but not processed - Restart solves that. Sometimes touching the Panner in READ ONLY Mode brings functionality back. The Rotation and Orbit Control just go crazy … sometimes

2.) Some weird behaviour when using “trim” on grouped or vca-linked tracks - i ended up NOT using trim at all anymore.
VCA Grouping seems not work work, when created … But after closing and opening the Project again

3.) Some Plugins (Izotope Alloy) - Jump into write when in Latch mode - and write for example “Global Bypass”.

4.) Since i am a former Protools User - i was trying to split Surround channels into 2 Stereo-channels for Front and Back and 2 mono channels for Center and Subwoofer - But not actually using Trackconversions, but a set of Groups in combination with “Mixconvert”-

I have realized that the old mixconvert does not save the “solo-speakers” on in and out properly - and does funny things with the presets and presets names.

Attached is a Testsession - I would be very happy, if someone could give me a hint how to achieve that much more easily and less complicated - and most important - more reliable.

Thanks in Advance

I have also experienced the issue that soloing of a speaker in MixConvert v6 does not save in Nuendo v6.0.7.