Various issues with rests in add'l voices

I’m having two issues:

  1. Sometimes when I have a voice that starts in the middle of a bar and I want to delete the rests before it, I click the “start voice” switch, but then the switch turns on and then immediately turns back off

  2. I have a bar of music with notes in one voice, and rests but no notes in another voice. I don’t know what those rests are doing there. How do I get rid of them, and how would I investigate this?

Thank you.

  1. Notation options → Rests → Omit bar rests

Another way to remove rests:
Select the bars → Edit → Remove Rests

I would be interested to see a specific situation in which enabling the ‘Starts voice’ property does not work, so please zip up a project showing the problem and attach it here so I can take a look. But you should always find that you can remove rests you don’t want by selecting them and choosing Edit > Remove Rests.

Usually when I find a “Start Voice” property switches on then off, it means I haven’t ended a prior instance of the voice.
(Of course with the new capabilities of Dorico 1.1, this is no longer as confusing a situation.)

Thanks Daniel, I didn’t know about Remove Rests. Is there a way to select a whole bar (which may include rests in multiple voices of multiple lengths) and only delete rests from a certain voice, without having to select those rests individually?

I’m attaching the file as a zip. You’ll see some instances of voice 1 notes being on “2 &” tied to voice 2 notes on “3”, preceded by unwanted half-rests in voice 2. Selecting the first note of voice 2 and switching on “start voice” is where I get the “switching back” issue.

On My (620 KB)

If you select the whole right-hand staff, use Edit > Filter > Voices > Down-stem Voice 1, then do Edit > Remove Rests, that should take care of it.