Various VST issues Cubase 8.0.2 (32 bit) Mac

I found various issues with 3rd party plugins.
I’m running Cubase on:
iMac (24-inch, Early 2009)
3.06 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
4 GB 1067 MHz DDR3
NVIDIA GeForce GT 130 512 MB

I found various issues relating to this version but not limited to 8.0.2.

  1. Plugin: Cakewalk Z3ta +
    a) Initializing patch
    b) Set the “Wave” to any form e.g. Vint Saw 4
    c) Set the “Mode” to “Multi, Sync”
    Once step c) was completed the “Phase” knob should change into “Spread” but it remains at “Phase”
  2. Plugin: Slate Digital FG-X; Slate Digital Virtual Tape Machine; Cableguys Filtershaper3; various others.
    a) Add the plugin to an instrument track
    b) Tweak the plugin
    e) Closing the plugin interface
    Once the interface is closed a frame still remains with a black background was. I you open the plugin again it opens in a new window and the old window still remains.
    Temporary Solution:
    Switch to another application and back then the window is gone.
  3. Plugin: Sonic Academy A.N.A
    Interface are not updating or very slow in responding when tweaking also when changing patches the interface only update when you hit a key on the midi controller.
  4. Plugin: Fxpansion Geist
    Geist is unable to freeze. I only tested this as a rack instrument.
  5. Plugin: Flux plugins
    When playing your mix, opening the plugin and tweaking the interface freezes occasionally.
    Temporary Solution:
    Click on Cubase interface and back to the plugin and the interface seems to refresh.

Please ignore item 4 as it works. The reason it was not working, I was using the plugin sequencer therefore Cubase can’t freeze the track.

Other plugin issues mainly relating to Tone2 plugins. When tweaking the plugin interface it only updates when you click off of the plugin. Similar to Sonic Academy’s A.N.A. as mentioned above.
The plugins are:

  1. Tone2 FilterBank3
  2. Tone2 Warmverb
  3. Tone2 BiFilter2

I also did not mention above I’m using OS X 10.10.3