Various VST problems

Hello guys!

Trying to solve some problems I’m having right now in terms of music production. I’m using Cubase 5.

  1. First off, I have two hardware synths, the MM6 and the Ultranova. Both are connected to my PC each with its USB cable. And I came across a problem when using the OP-X PRO-II synth from SonicProjects. When I select e.g. the preset “Halen Jump” and play on the Ultranova five notes, everything is okay, so I hold down two "C"s and a G chord (three notes, “G”;“B”;“D”). But when I do the same on the MM6 and firstly press the two "C"s and then the chord, the two "C"s are cut off and I can only hear the chord. :S What’s up with the polyphony and what’s wrong with my MM6?

  2. Also, when the Unison mode is turned on on the OP-X, there is no sound coming from it when I try to play on the MM6, but everything works fine on the Ultranova.

  3. Additionally, on any of my other VST synths I use when controlling them with the MM6, two keys are pressed on the keyboard of the VST synths when I only press one on the MM6. This doesn’t happen when I use the Ultranova, there is only one key pressed while I’m holding one key as well.

  4. And last question: Can I control two different VSTs using the MM6 and the Ultranova and not only one on both hardware synths?

I hope to solve these four problems with your help guys, please don’t let me down.

The VSTs are not the problem if they work fine with the Ultranova, everything seems to be pointing at the MM6… or at least there may be a conflict between the two keyboards.

Answer 4 - Yes. Try this first:

Click on the OP-X track, then look at the Inspector panel on the left-hand side.

Click on the Top Bar (above ‘VST Expression’) to drop down the menu (if it isn’t already displayed) and you’ll see a little grey arrow symbol going into a box with ‘All Midi Inputs’ next to it.

Click on that and you’ll get a grey drop-down menu, towards the bottom you should see a list of all midi devices including the MM6 & Ultranova, select the MM6.

Now try playing the same thing, if it works then great. If it’s still not right, try unplugging the Ultranova. If it’s still not right then…

Answers 1,2 & 3 - Use the Ultranova instead.

P.S. - thanks for brining the OP-X to my attention, might have to buy this now :smiley:

Thanks a lot for your reply, it works. The thing is, I really would like to use the Ultranova instead, but it only has 37 keys and the MM6 has 61 keys, so sometimes I need a bigger keyboard to play some songs. I would like to figure out what’s wrong with the MM6, so it works correctly. Aren’t there any experts here to help?

To the P.S.: No problem, it’s worth the money, believe me. :wink:

Everything is working now! Woooohoo! On my MM6, I had the Dual Voice turned on and that’s why the notes were cut off. Now I turned it off and everything is fine, there aren’t even anymore two keys pressed on the VST keyboard but one! Also the Unison mode works correctly now.

Now my MM6 works like the Ultranova does! Thanks a lot for your help anyway!