Varispeed in Cubase 7.5...where is it???


I’ve migrated from Logic to Cubase…by choice. In Logic, there is something called ‘Varispeed’ which allows one to record at a slower tempo and then speed up to taste. I’ve searched and searched but for the life of me can not find this feature in Cubase 7.5. The closest thing I could find in Cubase is ‘AudioWarp’. But, it seems this is used for slowing down tracks after the fact…after they are recorded, not before.

Can someone please point me in the right direction?


AudioWarp can do the same exact thing. Just remember to set your audio track to “musical mode.” Once you’ve done that, record your material and then set your BPM to a higher number. Your audio will automatically stretch. Actually the Steinberg stretching algorithm (Elastic Pro) is of an even higher quality than Logic’s.

Thanks! But wouldn’t that alter the pitch of the audio track…the stretching?

No pitch change. It just plays faster. Of course if you want to alter the pitch you can do that too, just use a different Elastic Pro setting.