Varispeed type processing in the audio editor (or montage)

Hello Wavelab users !
I need to “match” files in wave lab with a pitch % ratio - I explain myself : I don’t want to time stretch neither pitch shif a file - I want to destructively “varispeed” it like an analog (or digital) turntable with pitch being relative to speed.
A very classic varipitch in percentage.
It’s not exactly match a very well done DJ mix that I need to master in WL

This can be done in 3 places of WaveLab:

  • Time Stretch: uncheck the option “Preserve Pitch”
  • Pitch Correction: set time preservation to 0%
  • Pitch Bend: set length preservation to 0%
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Thank you - I tried all those options and you can pitch by cent / semitones but so habe to precisely match a percentage value from a customer (+2,35% on this file / -7.61% on that file) based on a base tempo / pitch
Exactly like a DJ / pro turntable or magnétophone would do.
I can’t manage how to do that

Do this:


Thank you again
But that is exactly what I tried in the first place but that doesn’t work
The percentage of time stretch work as a percentage of the actual length of the file (which can obviously be very useful in a lot of situations )
What I want to do is very different : I want to shift the pitch of the file in a percentage (instead of semi tones / cents) to match vinyl transfers in an very accurate way.(the length of the file should follow)
It’s exactly what a varispeed would to on a turntable or an analog tape recorder

Time is inversely proportional to pitch. Therefore, you can achieve the desired effect. However, you need to do some math. For example, if you want to achieve a pitch of +2.35%, this means the pitch should be multiplied by 1.0235. Consequently, the stretch must be (1 / 1.0235), which is approximately 0.977. You should then enter 97.7% in the time stretch field to obtain the desired result.

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Hey PG !
Thank you very much it works perfectly !!
Maybe that would be nice to have an option di do it more easily like “enter pitch shift value percentage in the pitch shift precess tab window”
PS : Can I copy and paste your trick to the WL users group on Facebook ? people have been reacting quite a lot

Yes of course :slightly_smiling_face: