No varispeed? Now that PT and Logic and even Reaper have it? Seems the new version is geared largely towards correcting bad recordings/performances instead of making new ones: drum replacement, amp simulators, VST advances etc…

If anyone can see how to varispeed an entire session within this new version let me know, it has escaped me…


I think they could make this a major feature for Cb7. Package it into time-warp, add a free built-in declicker and denoiser plugin and sell everyone the dream of wizzing all those old cassettes, vinyls, reel-to-reel recordings into the modern world :slight_smile: The next big thing?


or you mixdown in a very low MP3 format. Then you will also have bad quality. :wink:



hi Chris, seeing as you’re reading this: why no varispeed? Or is it possible with C6?

Yes, even ‘old’ MP3s, lots of money to be made from back catalogue bootlegs and archive footage as bonus tracks and re-releases… Of course, you wouldn’t need varispeed for MP3 particularly because they’ve got no wow :slight_smile: Wow!

But varispeed is important for many other things I’d say. I would be using it for imitating guitar slides, divebombs, special effects, making new sounds, double speed guitar, etc. I think it should become a staple feature alongside time stretching.


Yer, everyone’s busy arguing about moving freeze parts :wink:

Hang-on, did someone just remove their post???


Obviously nobody cares about this, as they’re too busy editing drums :wink: … but just in case one or two people do: just got a reply from Cubase tech support (Thanks Jan) explaining that varispeed CAN be done in Cubase 6 via the elastic pro settings. Took a while, but thanks anyway. No need to migrate to Reaper now thankfully…

Once you get your hands on it, try using AudioWarp (free warp mode) in combination with the new “élastique PRO - Tape” algorithm mode. That should do what you are looking for.

Si: As variaudio warping seems locked to the hope(use)less elastic-solo algo, could you please share some more details using elastic pro?

Arnd: would the warp tabs here benefit from the “improved” slice detection in C6?

After reading the operation manual, I confess still being confused. One would say that anno 2011 one shouldn’t need to use a hundred mouse clicks and wade trough a forest of sub-menu’s just to get some basic tempo alterations done :unamused:


all of this is completely new: better hitpoint detection algorithm, hitpoints-to-warptabs conversion. Access to all new élastique warp algorithms. I don’t see why you should have to go through lots of action steps to do “basic tempo alterations”. It really depends on what you want to do, exactly.

For this and TapeStop-FX e.g. you can use the Pitch Shift-Envelope in Cubase:

…hidden under the right-click at Process / Pitch Shift - there is a tab Envelope in the dialog box. Here you will be able to torture your poor sample, which didn’t do anything to you, you must admit this. You’ve got the choice between two curve kinds, linear or spline. Each click in the interface adds a point which can be moved at desire! To delete one, catch it and pull it out of the window. At least, click on Process so that your Pitch will be applied:

And don´t forget: that’s all non destructive (audio/region/undo!)
…I love it! and I use it a lot for sounddesign etc. :sunglasses:

Try it!

(…this must be eventually another little extra reason to forget Logic and Reaper…:wink: )