varying effects

I have different parts in a song. One part has a single bass
drum per measure like a reggae 1 drop. I put a lot of reberb on this.

The following part has multiple bass drum strokes per measure and that
reverb results in a muddy thundering.

I first tried reverence Frech chapel insert, but could not figure how to
diminish it for the 2nd part.

Then I tried using a send channel, but if I reduce the send in the second
part, it reduces the bass drum, not just the reverb.

Then I tried 2 reverence tracks, one with the French chapel and one with LA
studio, and tried to automate turning off one and truning on the other, but
when I play back it doesn t change, just plays whatever the last setting

Isn t there some way to accomplish this? I ve run out of ideas

If you use reverb on a send, make sure the mix-knob is at 100% wet. That way reducing the send level should not reduce the bassdrum volume.
You can also automate the volume of the fx-track output. Find the fx-track in your mixer, enable write (W), move the fader up and down while the song is playing. If unhappy with the results, find the fx-track in your project view, right-click it and select show all automation. Here you can adjust the volume changes you recorded. Disable write when you’re happy. (but keep read on of course.)

The 100% wet was what was needed. Thanks much.

you could always just duplicate the track and use this track for your other bass drum sounds. erase or mute the kicks you don`t want for each track , no need for messing around with you more freedom to treat both parts totally separately