VCA and folder functionallity

This is for both Nuendo and Cubase.
It would be great if VCA’s had Mutes along with being able to have them show up as options for Export Audio Mixdown. Also to have folders show up as an option in the Export Audio Mixdown window.

Also for VCA’s to have the Solo and Mutes be on the track in the Project window.

So in both cases you’d want to be able to select a VCA and all the tracks it controls would be exported, and for a group anything flowing through it would be exported?

As a stereo Mixdown.

Sorry, the answer to my question is “yes”?

This includes all the routing that is contained or related to the tracks that are controlled by this selection. So that all parallel processing gets committed to this Mixdown.
The goal of this is to be able to easily export stems of different levels of complexity without having to have bunch of extra sends and busses. And to be able to do it simplistically in the Export Audio Mixdown window.
Currently a session needs to be overly complex in order to achieve something that is quite simple.
I don’t know about anyone else but having more tracks than necessary just makes getting work done tedious.

Your question could possibly construed as that all of the tracks contained in the group or VCA be exported as individual Stems. Hence my response being what it is.

I see. I understand that my question could have been construed that way, but yeah I did expect you meant that the final output would be one file per selected item, not multiples.

This is for music I take it?

Yes, I mix music. So for me these sort of things matter a lot. Plus, I think that making sessions really large just to make bouncing stems easy is the less fun approach. The technology should make our jobs more fun and less work. Not the other way around.