VCA assignments don't respond to Quick Link

I’ve just started using VCA faders, and have noticed that I can’t set a group with quick link. I can set the output bus, but not the VCA assignments.

Is this a bug, or is there something I’m missing?

Just for clarity, by “can’t set a group” what I meant was that I can’t select a bunch of faders, click Quick Link, and then update the VCA assignment on one fader to make all the faders I quick linked get updated to the same assignment. Instead, if I want to assign 20 faders to the same VCA, I have to click the VCA asisgnment drop down menu 20 times, once for each fader.

Does everyone else just assign VCAs one at a time, or is there some other trick to set a collection of faders all at once?


Select multiple faders. Right-click and choose Add VCA Fader to Selected Channels. All channels are linked to the VCA. Is this what you are searching for?

No, but I appreciate the thought.

My scenario is working on a project that was created from a template. In this template, I have VCAs already set up and most tracks assigned to them. What happens next is that I’m importing additional tracks from another project. These new tracks now need to be assigned to the existing VCAs (rather than creating a new one as Add VCA Fader would do), so I have to assign them one at a time.

Is there a way to assign multiple faders to an existing VCA?


Thank you for the clarification. I can see your use case.

Unfortunately I can’t come to a way, how to do this for multiple Channels at once. Interesting is, if I right-click to the Channel and choose Link Selected Channels, then I enable Use VCA Fader, I cannot select already existing VCA Fader. Why?

Btw, it does work in Nuendo. There is other VCA system, which is not linked with the Link function.

Well, glad to see it’s not just me being stupid. One at a time it is, then.

Thanks, Martin. Appreciate your help, as always.