VCA automation "follow event" inside folder track?

Hi, on Cubase 13 Pro here.

I wonder, as the title suggest, is there a way to make VCA track volume automation follow some kind of event?
Obviously VCA tracks are empty so no clip to follow… but say I have a ton of tracks bundled into a folder track (and folders within). I also have a 2-3 VCA track on top level inside of that folder, to control 2-3 different instruments within those many tracks.

If I move a “folder clip” on the highest level (containing many clips from child tracks) to a different time position, right now the VCA automation won’t move at all, being inside the folder has zero effect. This means I have to always select the automation points then the folder clip before moving clips. Quite a bummer…

Anyway, I was hoping to use VCAs as a way to improve a mix locally, without touching my groups which have become quick complex, and while my composition structure is still being decided.
Any advices are welcome, thanks !