VCA change mute "target"

With the latest update (thank you) functionality has been added to the VCA (thanks!).

I do however think it would be better and more logical to change what “mute” does on the VCA:

The other buttons change the state of the channels the VCA controls. Press “solo” and they solo, “record” and they go into record mode etc, so it would be logical and consistent that “mute” mutes the channels the VCA controls.

Also, it seems to me that “mute” does nothing more than what turning “read” off already does. So there’s really no need for “mute” if we can just as well just turn off automation read.

I would also argue that the nomenclature would be more consistent if “mute” refers to audio as it does everywhere else, and “read/write” refers to automation.

Hi Lydiot, a quick question. Before I stopped looking into the new VCA function I noticed in 7.0.30, on the VCA channel ‘Mute’ was permanently greyed out. I had assumed that the functionality had not been updated/implemented yet. Your post seems to suggest otherwise although I do agree with you that ‘Mute’ should be ‘Mute’ as traditionally understood and not used as something else. Can you advise as it may point to a potential issue with my current installation? Thanks

It’s on the track in the project window. Greyed out in the mixer. In general there seems to be regular occurrences of icons or functions that are “disconnected” between mixers and the project window.

Ok, thanks for the heads up :slight_smile:




Is it time to get back on the drawing board regarding the VCA feature?

2 different ones in Cubase and Nuendo, and none works as intended at the moment :confused: :confused: :confused:

Why don’t make ONE VCA solution across both Cubase and Nuendo… And make it work???