VCA Fader Messing with Automation

I have several tracks attacked to a VCA fader. The VCA fader is set to pull down all grouped tracks by -5dB. Works Fine.

I go to automate volume changes in the individual tracks by adding automation points to appropriate track’s volume line in the project window. I click on the volume line to add an automation point. The point is added, but the overall track volume first AUTOMATICALLY MOVES DOWN by the amount corresponding to the VCA fader.


– Tracks 1-4 are set at 0dB
– Tracks 1-4 are too loud by 5dB
– VCA 1 controls tracks 1-4
– VCA 1 is set to -5dB
– Tracks 1-4 are now at an appropriate volume

– Automation is desired on Track 2 in the Chorus
– Track 2 must be louder by 3db
– Track 2’s Volume automation panel is opened in the Project Window
– An Automation point it added via mouse directly at the Chorus
– Track 2’s volume fader and corresponding volume automation line immediately drops by -5dB
– Without making adjustments, track 2’s initial volume automation point is now at -10dB

Why is this happening? It’s completely hosing my mix.

I understand that VCA faders are supposed to allow you to control overall volume without messing with your automation, and that’s great, by why is the first automation point processing the value of the VCA fader AGAIN when it’s added? This makes the VCA level applied to the tracks actually get processed twice.

Yes, there’s already been a thread about this. I think this is a major problem and it needs to be sorted out. Whether you’d technically call it a bug, or just a very questionable design choice is a matter of opinion but I just can’t see why anyone would be happy with this current VCA setup…


Definitely not a desired outcome. I posted this a while back.

J-S-Q, can you post a link to the other thread?