VCA-Fader. Select one VCA-member, select all?

I don’t know if its by design but its still a issue if it is?

  1. When selecting one “track-member” of a VCA-group-member, it automatically selected all the VCA-tracks members in that VCA group? This happen especially if you click to select a track with the mouse in the Mix-console-view.

  2. You need to [ALT] + “Click” with mouse all day long in the studio to be able to select and control a single track if it belongs to VCA group.

    All this is really bad by design. Adding and group together two separate feature are really bad!
    It makes the new VCA-fader feature very confusing to work with.
    VCA-faders should work separately as own feature. Do not group it and include it together with “link channels”-feature.

The new VCA-fader feature should only control group “Volumes” nothing else. :bulb:

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The same goes for Record Arming. Which is obviouesly NOT a good thing.

I fear/suspect that how it is behaving is by design. That said, there is a bug in there:

When removing all link parameters, leaving only volume behind, it will NOT be saved. When reopening the project, the default parameters (volume, send and routing) are yet again enabled.
This is a nasty one, calling for a fast fix IMO

I vote for Volume, Mute and Solo.
From the VCA master, change for all tracks. From a single track, the one track only.

As I see it these things work as it should.

The VCA feature should absolutely be seperated from the Link/Group feature (can get very complicated as is).

As it works now it acts like an added Link/Group Master fader, with the ability to perform Trim Automation (with a fader instead of through the automation panel).
NOT a real VCA system IMO

Yes I agree with you.
After re-open the project volume, send and routing get automatically linked again in all VCA groups has already been reported. Its a bug.

I have reported more bugs about VCA faders but haven’t been approved and added to the site at this time yet.
More to come…

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