VCA faders and VCA-tracks folder, failure?

VCA faders and VCA-Map failure?

If you add an example a “Group-track” a new map get automatically added in Cubase called “Group-tracks”-folder map.
Same behavior with Send FXs and so on. Exactly the same behavior should the new VCA-tracks work but some of the aspects of the new VCA-fader functionality are broken. Adding VCA faders will not be automatically added to the map “VCA-tracks”-folder map or sometimes the folder never get created at all? Also placement of VCA-faders never get added to the specific folder either?


  1. If you “right click” with help of your mouse in track-view, and select “add VCA-Fader-Track” option, a new VCA-track include a new map get automatically added to Cubase called “VCA-tracks”-folder-map in Cubase. The new VCA fader get also added into-----> that new folder. Same behavior as you expects working with “Group-tracks”.


  2. If you instead start with select some tracks in console view and use the command “add VCA faders to selected channels”, the new “VCA-tracks”-folder map never get created.

  3. Also the placement of the new VCA track get placed in Cubase “random”, next to the selected grouped VCA tracks?


  4. And even if you start with created a “VCA-tracks”-folder map and continue working. Using the command “add VCA faders to selected channels”, never place the new VCA-faders into the already created map: “VCA-tracks”- folder map regardless?

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Expected behavior: If you have add or continue add new VCA faders, VCA-faders will always be placed inside the already created dedicated VCA-faders-folder map. Exactly the same behavior as expected with other folder-maps —>“Groups Tracks”, “FXs tracks” and so on.

Actually behavior: VCA-tracks get added next to the selected tracks that were selected last or added randomly in the project? New VCA-tracks will never automatically added to the dedicated “VCA-folder track” that were created?
All this cause chaos in large project with over + 100 track counts. You need manual drag and drop all the new created VCA faders into the VCA folder track?

Still same issues in 8.0.10 maintenance update.