VCA Faders and Writing Automation

It was my impression that we could write VCA Fader automation to control any parameters belonging to the channels assigned to it. While this works fine for volume, I haven’t been able to write any VCA Fader mute automation.

I didn’t want to log this as an issue if I’m just mistaken about the scope of VCA Fader automation abilities, so can someone just confirm that the only thing that you’re supposed to be able to automate with VCA Faders is volume? Thanks.

If I managed to get enough familiar with the subject, you can only automatise volume from VCA track. As far as mute/ solo are concerned, you can mute the group either by dragging VCA fader all the way down or, in Group Link Settings,get “Mute/Solo/Listen” active. Then write enable all the tracks and mute/solo one of them- all will get muted/soloed.

Thanks for the confirmation Grzegorz. Yeah, so other than for volume automation, we’re still relying on link groups and group channels to write parameter automation that affects multiple channels. Glad to have this solidified so that I don’t think I’m going crazy.

I hope you will stay quite happy and won’t get crazy, when you try testing what I posted on separate subject concerning automation and VCA! …

I would like to bump this for some better understanding if its ok.

I am curious about this… WHY can I use VCA channels to mute the assigned tracks together all at once but NOT when automating?

Can someone please explain why this is a “thing”??

Would it not make sense to allow that functionality?