VCA faders? Don't think so...

Maybe someone could explain (to the Steinberg developers) what a VCA fader is and how it is supposed to work if you call it a VCA fader (in a PRO application…)? :blush:

Alright, I’ll give it a try :wink: :

For this example I have a band with a drumkit, bass, guitars and some vocals.
The drumkit is miked with kick in and out mike, snare top and bottom, overhead, hihat and tom mikes
the bass is DI’d and miked.
I would (maybe) want to setup my VCA’s like this:

1; kick in and out mike
2; snare top and bottom mike
3; toms
4; overhead and hihat
5; bass DI and mike
6; guitars
7; BAND vca (all the instruments)
7; backing vocals
8; lead vocal
9; Effects

Now try this in Cubase.
Not possible as you can only assign channels to one VCA (??)
(correct me if I am wrong here)…
If I am right then these VCA faders are actualy not VCA faders but something else (?) :open_mouth:

You can assign the VCA controlling 1,2,3,4 to the VCA controlling 5, that again is controlled by VCA 7.
Nested VCA in other words, not what you where asking but workable.