VCA Faders Forgetting Destinations in a Project Template?

Crossgraded from Cubase, I have a project template of around 250 tracks. Most of the tracks are disabled when I open the template. All the tracks are linked to VCA faders.

However, when I enable one or more tracks from disabled state, the VCA link is forgotten/bypassed and I have to do it again. It was not the case in Cubase.

Am I doing anything wrong/missing something or Nuendo can’t remember the VCA link/connection to disabled tracks that are enabled later in a project?

VCAs are broken. I’ve had similar issues with templates where VCA destinations are forgotten.

OMG! Isn’t it a nightmare then?!

If you are using Nuendo for a while now, how are you working around it?

Unfortunately you just have to kind of give up on VCA faders unless you can tolerate the constant workarounds/broken functionality. Steinberg don’t seem to care about them much as no one really uses them I guess. They’ve been broken since they were first introduced.

:frowning: :frowning: :cry: :cry:

The landmark release

You have tested VCAs thoroughly on N10 already and know this for a fact? Or are you assuming?

To the OP. It’s possible that you are just dealing with the difference between VCAs in Nuendo vs Cubase. Have you tried setting up VCAs from scratch in Nuendo? This may be only a one time hassle adapting your Cubase template to Nuendo. Too soon to panic :wink:

The only assumption here is that it’s a difference between Nuendo and Cubase, not that VCAs are inherently broken.

For fun try combining VCA master and slave automation (make sure to save your project first).

Interesting idea. I will try to do that by first deleting all the existing VCA faders and then create new ones and then link them newly. I will get back to you asap.

Hopefully that works for you. My templates created in Nuendo forget their VCA destinations unless I do things in a very particular order.

Is the ‘particular order’ something you can explain? I’ve had my issues with VCA’s in Cubase but love the concept and could use a more reliable way to incorporate the regularly now that I am upgrading to Nuendo 10 -did the crossgrade and installing now.


For the sake of clarity, as this is the Nuendo 10 forum, I’m just trying to determine if the behavior you describe is from N8 or if you have observed identical behavior in N10 after creating VCAs from scratch within N10.

I realize there could still be problems working back and forth between different versions of Cubendo, I’m just asking if you can confirm identical VCA behavior to what you described when starting from scratch within N10. If so, then it would appear no VCA fixes were made between the versions. But I have not seen any end user confirm this yet.


I did the thorough test. Started VCAs from sctractch and first few days it remembered the destinations but at some point, it forgets. By the way, it is a template, so everything is the same. I deactivate a track and VCA link/destination is forgotten.