VCA faders in Nuendo


I’ve just watched the intro videos for Cubase Pro 8 and the obvious question which raises up is: when will Nuendo get the much anticipated VCA faders?
Will it be a Nu 6.x thing or we have to wait for next Nu release? (Nu 7.0 or Nuendo Pro Pro :unamused: 8.0 )
Expected timeframe??

I know that it’s all so new, but I think Nuendo deserves VCA faders (and maybe the new audio engine…) as soon as possible.

Many thanks indeed,

Same obvious question here! Timo some timeline will be very appreciated (C8Pro features, Yosemite etc).


VCA faders are working nicely on the Nuendo 7 beta version.
They will not be included in Nuendo6.x


7 BETA. He said 7 BETA!!!

Well, yes … Nuendo and Cubase are developped alongside for the most part.
Now there are some extra (very cool) exclusive Nuendo features that need to be finished before they can launch Nuendo 7. For the moment you’ll simply have to drool over Cubase 8.

(That being said, it surprises me that there aren’t any “dissapointed” “unusable” “rippoff” and_the_likes threads appearing yet…) (Cynism/OFF)

Fredo, I know this is the Nuendo forum but do you know when we’ll be able to test drive Cubase 8? It looks awesome…

Also, is the performance between mac and pc closer now? I was able to test previous versions on the same machine and found the mac version to be both visually and cpu-wise about 20-25% slower…and larger sessions tended to make the program visually (scrolling, updating, moving around the session) a lot slower on the mac compared to the pc…

Nuendo 7 in beta ! Wow ! So quick guys.

I am disappointed.
Not by Steinberg or the lack (yet) of hate threads, telling the world will collapse because of new features.
No, I’m just disappointed.
No appointements today. No dates. Nada.

Still, when is Nuendo 7 coming. It is long overdue etc… :mrgreen:

Improved window management and VCAs is probably enough for me to warrant an upgrade (I skipped 6.5.x). I’d still love to see key command focus fixed, as well as better grouping, but together with 6.5.x improvements it’s a no-brainer to me. VCAs will improve my workflow tremendously. Finally.


edit: Cubase 7 and Nuendo 6 were announced at the same time Nov 14, 2012, with Nuendo 6 actually being released end of Q1 the year after… iirc

I am really excited for N7! VCA’s = YES!

How can someone be dissapointed by an upgrade like that? If even half of it is true, and with the given price setttings, this is what many people have been hoping for. I think that once the words are being spread out, and as it seems that is being tested for months now and is thus quite issue-free, you will see a lot of people who were complaining in the past, rush for this update.

I have to say that it would really cool if Nuendo owners could get a trial license for Cubase 8 from now until N7 releases.

Hurts no one. Doesn’t negatively impact sales or the impetus to upgrade for current Nuendo owners. Just makes a bunch of top shelf users feel valued by Steinberg as they wait for N7 to be finished.


I had a closer look at the fantastic marketing material, that looks really great and makes me think this is a no brainer for Cubase users. I see quite a bit of Nuendo in this update, hence the pro in the name.
Obviously we’ll have too see how mature the new stuff is, but I’d like to say I am really impressed from what I see and hear.
This looks like yet another winner to me and it’s very reasonably priced as well.

You guys do an amazing job!

I totally agree ! I’m glad they got rid of the premature lad… The presentation movies are inticing !

Dear forum members,

as Fredo mentioned, Nuendo 7 will get VCA faders as well as all Cubase 8 features.
We are currently still in the process of developing additional features that will only
be available in Nuendo 7.

There will be some very nice things coming to Nuendo 7, making this update one of
the biggest in Nuendo’s history. We’ll be able to deliver totally new functions and
workflows which cannot be found in other DAW. Plus, Nuendo will get (probably)
all product maintenance of the Cubase 8 lifecycle until the release.
Now, enough “heat up” :wink:

That being said, Q1 2015 for Nuendo 7 seems to be unrealistic so far.

As for Yosemite compatibility, I believe early 2015.


It’s great to see this company learn from past mistakes… :laughing:
If you need a life post Nuendo product management I am sure that all political parties would hire you for being able to give information without being too specific…

Looking forward to N7, whenever you want me to throw my money at you.

I’m curious if the way VCA faders are implemented in CP8 would bother anyone here:

My problem is that, after creating a VCA group, it is impossible to “select” a single channel within the group.
Selecting one selects all.

The issue with this for me is that any actions that are applied to a “selected” channel are now applied to all.

For instance, if the Channel Edit window is open simply selecting a channel by clicking on it anywhere would bring that channel into focus for Editing.

This is no longer possible within a VCA Group.

A problem?


Well, I skipped 6.5 since it had no VCAs and lacked some other improvements. The sooner the better. I’m content with the 6.5 features plus the Cubase 8 features (i.e. VCAs for example). But I understand others have other wishes.

Sounds odd. In the video you can see the guy applying a VCA to linked faders and then changing their properties both via VCA and individually on individual tracks.

Could it be in how you set up the linked-faders (hate the terminology… why not just “group”?)? Did you link the parameters that are now controlled for all tracks? In the video when he creates the link-group he hasn’t selected a bunch of stuff. Could that be the issue?

Perhaps I was not clear.

You CAN, of course, tweak the levels of individual members of the VCA Group.
Just as you can with the “Link” function using the Alt key (no Alt key needed with VCAs).

My issue is that the channels are no longer individually selectable.
When you “Select” one member of the group they all become selected.

In my specific case this is a problem because - using an MCU - I used to select a channel and then open the “Channel Edit” window for that channel with the dedicated switch on the MCU.
This is not possible within VCA groups now.
I would think this limitation would apply to other hardware controllers also.

Even using only a mouse, it was possible to have the Channel Edit window open and it would follow (with the option enabled) any channel selection - which was possible by clicking on numerous areas of the channel.
Now only the “e” button works.


Maybe I am looking like a dump dude now - but can one please explain “VCA faders” to me? I watched that C8 vid and those faders exactly reacted like control-linked-channels. What’s the difference to that?

Regarding Nuendo vs Cubase etc - That video impressed me so hard that I now will throw those 100 bucks on the Cubase update and as it seems I have to use Cubase again - along with Nuendo. Oh no!