VCA faders is there a problem?

Watching the videos the VCA faders do not work the same as linked because the VCA fader will most likely be in a unusable position. At least with linked faders the loudest fader could be turned up to max, looking at the videos steinberg have posted there seems to be a big problem where the VCA fader could read max (pushed to the top) but the linked faders are much lower and will not more higher. I do not have C8 so can not test this out but I would like to know if this how it is working if someone can try it out.

If you look at the video you will understand what I am saying

I think the VCA fader should be weighted and relative to the highest fader in the group, has anyone tried this?

The operation Manual for Cubase Pro 8 can be downloaded for your perusal separately.
I suggest you read the section on VCA Faders. They are initiated neither adding nor subtracting dB - i.e. at 0.

Which is just the way it should be in my opinion. If you move the VCA fader to it’s maximum position, you will add 12dB’s of gain to the channels that are being controlled -nice and simple. Having the VCA’s weighted in some way would become potentially confusing/complicated.

If the VCA fader snapped to the highest link fader that would make the operation transparent as that is the loudest fader. The way it looks in the video it suggests that in a very bad mixing scenario if could be inline with the lowest linked fader if they were all set about 0dB, now the chances of being in that position is low but it looks possible.


The very short answer to your question is: there is NO problem with VCA Faders implementation in Cubase Pro 8.

I think I understand what you are saying…
That you want your VCA fader to match the highest fader position (gain level) of the group. (sort of like other DAWs have in their implementation)
Example: if the fader within the VCA linked group with the highest gain in the group is set to +3db you want the VCA to appear at +3db instead of at a “0db” position?

That implementation gives you a limit based on your highest member fader position not on the VCA master channel fader.

Personally, I really LOVE Steinberg’s Cubase Pro 8 implementation of the VCA (Voltage Controlled Amplifier) faders.
If I’ve peaked out one fader in the group but still need more juice from the rest the Cubase Pro 8 implementation allows for that until the VCA master fader itself is at maximum. The VCA fader implementation in Cubase Pro 8 will continue to raise the gain on the other VCA Group linked faders until the VCA master itself reaches its maximum throw.

For those reading who have never used a console with VCA (like SSL or Midas etc.)
The basic point of using your VCA fader group is to maintain the overall balance between the members of the group while still letting you raise or lower the level of the whole group within a mix and still give you the ability to adjust the level of a single member fader within the group without having to ungroup. (whew! longwinded run-on but that’s the best you’re gonna get from me)

I still don’t get it I will have to download some more videos and read the pdf. From what you are saying then if the individual faders start off higher then the 0dB position the VCA fader has no where to go apart from down. If that is the case then what would happen if you try and turn up the VCA?

I think you are looking at this the wrong way round. The way to use the VCA faders is to get the relative levels of all the track that you want to have under a VCA. Get the levels on these track to just about where you want them then use the VCA to fine tune the overall levels of those tracks. You won’t want to be using the VCA’s to ramp up and down the volume like a master out.
Just think of it as an extra level of subtle control.

There’s situations where you would!
Like if Cubase Pro 8 is being used to record a live gig.