VCA Faders Matrix


FEATURE REQUEST: VCA faders to be assignable to trim at insert points on different kinds of channels assigned to them—instead of being just another kind of fader-link.


I’ve got 8 stereo outs from my drum rompler. I am sending only the snare and toms into a reverb FXchannel, post-fader, so that relative reverb levels on each drum stay the same as I adjust their individual levels (this reverb will be used by other tracks besides drums, as well). All 8 drum channels are then assigned to a drum bus Group channel with a compressor inserted on it.

I want to be able to adjust the whole drum kit with one fader, but if I use the Group channel fader, the wet/dry balance of the snare and toms will change.

So then, If I create a VCA fader and assign the drum outputs to them, plus the drum bus group fader, this will keep the wet/dry ratio—but will change the level of the drums going into the compressor on the drum bus group.

I tried using sends to send to the drum bus from the drum tracks, assigning them to “No Bus” in Routing, but then it’s the same: VCA changes input to drum bus. I tried sending to drum bus pre-fader, but then I lose gain control over the individual drum mics, since they all send at one volume and faders don’t change that.

In Logic, VCA faders in this kind of setup seem to be accessing the matrix in a very specific and more useful way: they do not move the faders. Rather, they seem to control a trim post-fader on audio tracks, and a trim pre-fader (but post-inserts) on aux (group) tracks. So assigning all 8 drum channels and the aux group channel to a VCA works exactly as I want. As I change the VCA fader level, individual drum channel’s reverb levels stay the same, input levels to the compressor on the aux group stay the same, and overall drum bus level changes accordingly.

Is it possible, with the way that Cubase routes audio, to have this kind of behaviour for VCA faders?