VCA faders

Hello everyone,

I linked a group of instruments to a VCA fader, instruments were mixed in a specific way, then I applied a volume automation to the VCA fader. Everything works properly until I close and re-open the session. I notice that all instruments faders went up to 0dB where the VCA is before the automation kicks in.

Is this an issue? Or am I misusing the VCA fader?


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What Cubase version exactly do you use, please?

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I am using the latest 9.5


There’s an issue …
Saving the project with the playhead at a position where the VCA is after the automation ride, when re-open the project, the automation will never work as aspected.

If you have a ride from 0 to infinite (and saving with the playhead after ride), the faders associated with the VCA will still at infinite when re-open the project.

I’ve reported to Steinberg two weeks ago but no response.

Reported as a bug.

To fix it (temporarily), add an automation node to the source track, which is controlled by the VCA, before you save.

Thanks a lot guys.